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A Viking's Challenge

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Join the Battle of the Bay!

A Viking's Challenge was founded in 2020 by melanoma survivor Chris Isfeld, who, despite late-stage diagnosis and partial paralysis, ran 30km on frozen Lake Winnipeg, raising $20,000. Open to all since 2021, A Viking's Challenge has become an annual event that allows participants to participate virtually anywhere in Canada by either participating in the physical activity of their choice or running a 10k, 20k or 30k loop in person in Gimli, Manitoba.   


Chris's story with cancer began in 2017 when he was diagnosed with advanced melanoma. He was given lifesaving immunotherapy treatment just in time. The treatment was challenging but it proved to be effective. The cancer stopped growing and the side effects became more manageable over the next few months. By December 2018, just one year after his melanoma diagnosis, he was lacing up his running shoes again.


Unfortunately, in late 2021, a large mass was found on his right adrenal gland and he had to resume radiation therapy and immunotherapy treatments. Chris is hopeful that he will be able to beat his cancer once again. 

​The 2024 Challenge has ended. Sign up for the Newsletter below to stay informed about the next Viking Challenge and more!


Since its inception, A Viking's Challenge has raised over $60,000, all of which goes directly towards helping skin cancer patients across Canada. Stay tuned for more information on A Viking's Challenge 2025!

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