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Additional Support Groups


Listed here are a few sources of information and support you might find useful. These groups are not connected to Save Your Skin Foundation. We are providing the links as useful sources of information but do not monitor content for accuracy and quality.

La Roche Posay Canada: Broad spectrum UVA-UVB protection with a range of textures suitable for every sensitive skin in the family. The No.1 recommended brand by dermatologists.

La Roche-Posay also provides educational resources for educating the public about sun safety and skin cancer prevention, as well as skin care information in the oncology space.  View their recent video “The Importance of Skin Care in Oncology Patients”  During this one hour webinar, they explore to what extent Canadians are living with or surviving from cancer with an increasing number of anti-cancer treatment-induced cutaneous side effects that can severely impact quality of life and ultimately treatment outcomes. Experts Dr. Maxwell Sauder and Dr. Joël Claveau provide practical best practice strategies to mitigate skin toxicities that are associated with oncology treatments, in an effort to improve patient quality of life, patient compliance as well as reduce treatment reduction, interruption and/or discontinuation. Additional collaborative resource available here: The Role of Skin Care in Oncology Patients


Canadian Skin Patient Alliance: Save Your Skin Foundation is an affiliate member of Canadian Skin Patient Alliance (CSPA). CSPA serves as an umbrella organization for Canadian not-for-profit patient groups and organizations that deal with skin conditions and diseases. By working together, we can strongly advocate for the needs of skin patients across the country and provide comprehensive education and support.  Skin patients and their families benefit by becoming part of a bigger community and gaining access to information about treatment, care and research in skin disease.

Canadian Cancer Society: The major national organization in Canada for all types of cancer information and support. They also have provincial organizations.

Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation: We are a member of a network of organizations dedicated to improving accessibility to treatments for patients diagnosed with skin cancer.

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