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Pierre’s Story

Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-lac, QC

In 2013, following the appearance of a small lump on my neck, I underwent an ultrasound which showed it was a lymph node. After surgery, the verdict came: Metastatic melanoma of unknown origin. Two months later, I underwent a dissection of the left armpit with the removal of 43 lymph nodes, 7 of which were malignant. Follow-up exams showed no other traces of cancer, but the risk of recurrence was very high.

I was then put on Ipilimumab at a dose of 10mg. Four treatments were initially planned for the first phase. The first one didn't cause too many side effects, but during the second one (early 2014) I developed hepatitis of the liver and underwent two hospitalizations. The treatments had to be stopped and the hepatitis treated. The medication caused me drug-induced pneumonia, which required a third hospitalization. Since July 2014, I have stopped all treatment.

As a preventive measure, I have follow-up exams every 3 months for the next 2 years. The latest exams show no signs of recurrence. I had to stop all activity for a period of one year (work, physical activities, etc.), activities that gradually resumed in September 2014. Today, everything is fine and I am enjoying life day by day.

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