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Julie's Story

South Shore, QC

In 2006, I had a mole on my thigh analyzed as it had changed in appearance and was itching. I underwent a complete excision and the pathologist concluded it was a benign nevus. In 2009, I suddenly became very ill and during a visit to the emergency room, a mass was discovered in my small intestine, and I underwent laparotomy surgery.

Complications arose due to a second undetected metastasis. It was discovered to be metastatic melanoma originating from the mole analyzed in 2006. Survival prognosis was very grim. I always wanted to fight this disease, I shut the door to resilience from the beginning and resumed training for small marathons. Until the boomerang returned in 2010. Metastases were then detected in the colon and on the abdominal aorta, and I had to undergo surgery again.

I finally adhered to the phase 3 protocol on Vemurafenib. The side effects were very intense, however, the treatment proved effective. Sixteen months later, scans showed remission. It was a huge relief. I am still following this protocol today, as it is considered risky to terminate it. I recently had the privilege of celebrating my 40th birthday. My partner has been by my side throughout this bumpy journey, and we have a daughter who is now 7 years old.

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