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Gord's Story

Surrey, British Columbia

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My name is Harvey; I am a husband, father, and grandfather from British Columbia. Before my diagnosis with melanoma, my wife and I loved to travel and were active in various sports. In November 2016, my wife noticed a pimple on my back. My GP performed a biopsy and determined the mark was melanoma and within a month I had surgery to remove it. The surgery left an 8-inch scar on my back, but I was happy the spot was gone. Five years later I had a cough; I returned to the doctor and received a PET scan that determined the melanoma had metastasized to my right lung. I underwent major surgery in December 2021 and also started immunotherapy at the cancer clinic in Surrey, BC once a month for a series of 13 treatments. I completed these treatments on December 13, 2022. At this point, a subsequent PET scan has also determined that, although the melanoma has not returned in my lungs, there’s evidence that it may have moved into my adrenal glands. I have another PET scan scheduled in March 2023.

Since my lung surgery in December 2021, melanoma has basically become the complete focus of our lives. The mental health aspect of my journey has been overwhelming on both of us, especially the unknown of this terrible disease. Melanoma is a very serious and sneaky cancer, and it’s important for anyone dealing with it to stay very proactive with your oncologist in order to make them aware of any changes while you are fighting it. I share my story only to help anyone dealing with this tricky cancer.

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