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Dora's Story

Cando, Saskatchewan

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I was born with a black mole on my right heel that started to change and was diagnosed as cancerous, so I had surgery in 2002 to have it removed. In 2008 it came back and was removed again. Then in 2013 it came back in my lymph nodes; I had 14 removed, but in 2016 it came back with tumours inside and outside.

On Jan 14th, 2016 a CT scan showed that my cancer had returned in my groin area, and potentially in my lung and kidneys.

The Doctor told me that there was nothing they could do for me, and I likely I didn’t have much time left. Then Dr. Abbas approached me, to see if I was interested in trying this new drug. I accepted, and I turned out to be a candidate for NIVOLUMAB-100. I was happy, as maybe there would be hope for a few more years; however, the program was 1-2 years long, and have to drive 2 1/2 hours to Saskatoon every two weeks.

My original CT scan showed a lymph tumour that was 4.7CM by 4.3cm; my last CT scan showed the tumour at 9mmx7mm. All my other tumours have gone, including the eighteen tumours on the outside of my stomach, which began to disappear in the first two weeks of my treatment. The spots on my lung, my bones, and my kidneys are all gone, and my blood work has always been good.

I have had no side effects except some fatigue and weight loss, I have never been sick nor did I lose any hair- though my hair has darkened and curled for the first time in my life.

Dr Abbas’ nurse Megan has been a lifeline for me. She is open to questions, finds the answers, and is just an awesome person. She makes you feel important, and Dr. Abbas has been very good to me in answering questions and giving me advice.

This drug is definitely a Godsend, as I am here to tell you about it.

I hope to have quite a few more years to live and enjoy my life, my family, and my friends. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in my health care, and especially this wonder drug called NIVOLUMAB-100.

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