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Save Your Skin in Quebec

Why the Save Your Skin Foundation is Active in Quebec

Population of Canada, 2014

Quebec: 23.2%
Rest of Canada: 76.8%

Non-melanoma skin cancer cases in Canada, 2014

Quebec: 39.4%
Rest of Canada: 60.6%

According to the Canadian Cancer Society (May 2014 report), 76,100 non-melanoma skin cancer cases will be diagnosed in Canada in 2014, of which 30,000 (39.4%) will be in Quebec.

If Quebec had the same rate of non-melanoma skin cancers as in the rest of Canada, it would have more than 12,000 fewer new cases of skin cancer in 2014.

Why Does Quebec have a Higher Rate of Skin Cancers?

“The problem is systemic and can’t be contributed to just one factor, but certainly the lack of preventative programs in schools plays a role. More education and awareness will serve to mobilize the youth of Quebec, leading to a more preventative lifestyle. A more preventative lifestyle means more sun safe practices, like avoiding tanning salons and wearing sunscreen year round: things that have been proven to lessen your chance of skin cancer.”

– Kathy Barnard, President and Founder of the Save Your Skin Foundation.

More Tanning Oil, Less Sunscreen

According to Eric Blais of Headspace Marketing, quoting data from the Print Measurement Bureau which measures consumer behaviour in Canada, Quebecers:

  • Are significantly more likely to use suntan oil (44% more) to promote tanning, as opposed to sunscreen protection, than other Canadians.
  • Are less likely to use sunscreen products (11% less) at all, and significantly less likely (48%) to use sunscreen with a high SPF of 36+.
  • Are more likely to use sunburn and after-sun products (26% more).

Coalition Priorité Cancer au Québec

The Save Your Skin Foundation is a member of the Coalition Priorité Cancer au Québec, a coalition of cancer organizations founded in Quebec in 2001, to protect and give a voice to people affected by cancer and to strengthen how the fight against cancer is organized.

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