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Our Story

Never underestimate the power of community


The Save Your Skin Foundation was created by North Vancouver resident Kathy Barnard and her friends, family, and colleagues. Kathy was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma in 2003, and though her treatments are finished, she continues to fight melanoma. Save Your Skin’s immediate goals are to raise awareness of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, to provide melanoma patients with access to information about trial drugs, emotional and financial support, and to provide support to the new wave of melanoma survivors that is beginning to emerge due to the success of trial treatments.

The foundation began as the dream of Kathy’s sister, Rose. As Rose was running through the trails of North Vancouver, reflecting on the struggles her family had gone through finding an effective treatment for Kathleen, she decided to take action. Save Your Skin strives to be a place of information, hope and support in an otherwise barren internet landscape, so other families don’t have the same discouraging experience as Kathy’s.


  • To provide emotional and financial assistance to those battling melanoma
  • To promote education and awareness of skin cancer
  • To raise funds to further research treatment options
Strategic Plan